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Friday, November 19, 2010

Chapter19...My Last Post Before War

Oh Sheeatt~~
SPM is just next week!!
everyone is preparing for "war",
and still,
i got the time to blog here..haiz~~

On the last day of school,
there was suddenly so many memories in my mind,
having flashback since I enter school in form 1,
things that I have done,
friends that I have met.

Had been struggling for five years in secondary,
at last the day had come!!
all of the knowledge that we achieved,
got to be use in this "war" (SPM).

I spend 3 years in SMK Taman Desa,
and this school really gave me lots of sweet memories,
and of course all the friends that I miss so muchhh!!
My gang~~=XStill very short on that time..haha~~
OMG!! I look so childish lar~~
Spot me=)

When it started form 4,
I was transfer to SMK USJ8,
I did not like this school at all.
It was so much different with my previous school,
maybe its because there is too many malays.
But still,
I met some good friends,
that brought me laughter and Love.
Mer Sie
Pey Yan=)
Chuei Shan aka Shandy...XD
With teacher!!

looking at all the pic from form 3 and now,
there is really a big change in me.
(really hate my childish look in form 3..haha~~)

To all my friends,
thank for everything,
and also forgive me if i had ever offend you...

And I know by now,
every SPM candidate will be studying hard at home,
and I hope that everyone could get their result with flying colours.

I will stop blogging and online when SPM week starts,
so this will be my very last post before I go for "war".
Hope that everyone is ready,
wish me GOOD LUCK and pray for all!!

I will be back after the "war",
MISS ME!! =)


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