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Monday, November 1, 2010

Chapter 13...♥20101030 ♥

Went to Taylor's Lakeside College Info Day today with Mer Inn ,Mer Sie ,Pey Yan and Chuei Shan...
actually I din know that there was a Info Day untill Mer Sie told me,
so I decided to follow them because i wanted to study in Taylor next year.

Mer Sie said that she will come at 9.30am to pick me up,
but as usual,
they were late again..LOL~~
waited untill 10.00am only they came.

The day before,Pey Yan told me that she will not be following us,

cause she wanted to accompany Chuei Shan to a make up seminar near Sunway.
on our way to Taylor,suddenly Pey yan gave me a call and said that they have reach Taylor.
I'm like what??!!(cause i thought that they were not going)
then she said that Chuei Shan drove there.

When we arrive at Taylor,

we met up with Pey Yan and Chuei Shan.
We then went to inquire for our own course that we are interested.
Pey Yan and Mer Sie went for their architecture,
Chuei Shan did not know what she was interested in,
so she and Mer Inn went to listen to a talk bout design.
and I inquire about my Mass Com.
Taylor Lakeside Campus is really big...

After we all finish,

it was still early,so we headed to Sunway Pyramid.
Had lunch at a japanese restaurant,
but too bad Mer Inn and Mer Sie have to go back after lunch.

Pey Yan and Chuei Shan still went for their make up seminar,

and i have to wait for them for 2 and a half hour...
after that,Pey Yan went to Chuei Shan mother's saloon to have her hair cut,
and I waited for 1 hour again..(wait wait wait..and i was hungry..XD)

After her hair cut,

we went and fetch Meei Tyng and have dinner at AC.(at last I can eat..LOL~~)
after our dinner,
we went for our class party at Court 9.Camwhoring in the car...Camwhoring in the toilet... OMG!! we even step up to the besin..XD

The time we arrive was already 9.30pm,
so we just hang around for an hour,and went home.

That's all for today,

but its really tiring...


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