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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Went to Mer Inn's birthday party on the 04/11/2010,
sorry for the late update.
Around 6+pm,
i waited for mer sie and her dad to come fetch me over to their house.
Her dad also fetched Kae Shyuan and Meei Shih.

When we arrive,
just two of Mer Inn college mate were there.
They were starting up the BBQ stove.
just go in her house,
then i wish Mer Inn happy birthday,
and the first thing she did was laying her hand out for present.haha~~
and of course i prepared present,
so i juz gave it to her.(really hope that she like it)
My present to the birthday girl^^

There was lot of food,
BBQ,spaghetti,nasi lemak,nuggets,fishball,fruits and also marshmallow to barbecue.
So when all the guest has not arrive,
i have already started to eat because was kinda hungry. (psps~)

When the sun set,
everyone came one by one.
At about 7.30pm,
arrived Pey Yan, Chuei Shan and Meei Tyng.

Then we start to munch up all the food...
I've barbecue sausage for them (and they LOVE it)haha~~
and also barbecue marshmallow with chocolate..(YUMM!!)
the spaghetti sauce was cooked by Mer Sie,
but it was kinda salty(u should add some sugar..LOL~~)
but other than that,
everything was delicious!!

After our dinner,
we then went up to Mer Sie's room to relax.(because the room gt air cond..and downstairs was hot..haha)
and of coz,
what we did next??
our hobby (camwhoring)XD

Then we sang birthday song for the 19th year old girl,
and of cause eating cake!!
we then drank some beer,
but i think i was just too lame...
juz bout 2 can of beer,
and my whole face is as red as tomato.
Our gang!!
Me and the birthday girl..(and a bunny hopping at the back..XD)

The night was fun,
and we went home by 12+am...


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