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Friday, November 12, 2010

Chapter 17...I Miss You

It has just been for a few days,
and I have started missing you for the every passed second.

We have stop texting each other,
and I know its for our own good,
but you just keep appearing in my mind.
This really shows how much I miss you...

Really thought that i could meet you today,
but who knows,
god toke the chance away..

I know that everything will be just fine after SPM,
and our main target now is to study,
but i just really hope that i could hug you for just a minute everyday.

SPM is just hitting on my heart everyday,
it tells me to study,
but i just could not resist missing you.

Let's just wait,
for the day to come...
when we get our freedom...

Just wanna say I Miss You terribly...

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