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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chapter 20...It's OVER!!

At last,
SPM is over!!
The very last subject-economics,
that just screw it up!!
Paper 1 was just fine,
but paper 2 killed me.
It was my very first time,
doing economics paper,
and i still have time.
its just write,write and write!
But yesterday,
i was just blank.
No answer in my mind.
No use complaining now,
it's OVER!!

After SPM,
at night i went to have steamboat with Mer Sie and Pey Yan.
Went with Mer Inn too,
and we should have our steamboat at Yuen.
Too bad,
her friends just have space for her,
and all other tables are reserved.
So fine,
we went to the opposite steamboat where i usually go-Zhong Qing.

Steamboat is hot.
The soup is just damn spicy,
all of us has sexy lips.LOL
when i am still eating happily,
Mer Sie say that Mer Inn is coming to pick us up.
She wanna go to Sunway.
But i'm not full yet,
i'm just having my dessert.
Then after that,
we went to Sunway for awhile.
And today,
i got my hair dyed!!
Nt really the colour i want,
but its still acceptable.
Sorry that i cant upload any picture,
because my stupid phone is spoiled.
Hate it!!
It's like some bright brown colour,
that it's still too normal for me..=X

And now,
SPM is officially OVER!!
My holidays start now.


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