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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chapter 12...Outing With Senior

This is my very first time blogging in english... just wanna to have some changes, and let more people understand my blog.

Yesterday,was the first time I went out with friends tat is older than me.(s
enior..wow~~LOL) I went out with Mer Inn (which is Mer Sie's sis),Min How,Yau Bing (tat i have seen before when i went photoshoot),and two new frens Jeff and Hannan.

Actually we should take bus to Sunway,but suddenly Mer Inn says thet her mum want to go adopt puppy,
so Mer Inn drove to Sunway (Mer Sie and her parents were oso in the car) so i was just in silent=)

We went to Ming Tian to have our lunch..Mer Inn and Mer Sie's parents belanja me makan..(thanks uncle and aunty)
was kinda paiseh eating with their whole family..because this was the first time i met their parents...

After lunch...Mer Sie followed her parents back (too bad she can't follow us for ice skating and movie due to the coming SPM)
I'm also gonna face SPM soon ..but i still going out..haha~~

Then me and Mer Inn walk to sunway,
and waited for Min How,Yau Bing,Jeff and Hanan when they arrived,we went for ice skating..

Total shit is that the price has increased from RM18 to Rm20...WTF!!
its totally a rip off!! but what to do...we already plan for skating...

The funny part was that everyone know how to skate except Min How....
Uncle How is so funny....he really sweat alot..and used up the whole packet of tissue...LOL~~ and i also found out that he look like a penguin(so cute) and also like Donald Duck..haha~~
Min How paiseh??haha~~
Mer Inn and me=)
After skating,Mer Inn went and meet her secondary friends...
We should have dinner at Sushi Zanmai, but Hanan donwan..so they went to MCD, and i followed Mer Inn and her secondary friends

But Zanmai was packed with people,
so we change to Ru Jia Kitchen for dinner... after dinner,we went for our movie-"The Other Guy"
Mer Inn eating
Mer Inn syok sendiri..haha..but her nails very nice=)

At cinema,we also have to wait for Min How and the others..(always make me wait,next time you wait for me..XD) then we went in for the movie. my sis say that the movie is very funny,but for me i think its just okay~~(Mer Inn even fell asleep..LOL~~)

After the movie,
we all then balik rumah masing-masing... Very happy hanging out with them, had a really great day=)


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