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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chapter 36...End of Semester 1

Hello readers,
I am back again to keep my blog active.
Really the first time blogging so often.
Maybe it's because,
I know that I will be busy in the next 2 weeks,
so it's time to update. =)

finished my final exams today.
Such a relief.
After 5 months,
it's the end of semester 1 for me.
Will be proceeding to my foundation semester 2 in September.

Done all of the subject within this week,
based on my prediction,
I think that I will pass all subject.
*touch wood nothing bad happens*
But really did revision and studies,
so I have the confident and faith in myself.

Semester break is gonna start tomorrow for 2 weeks.
Everyone and all of my friends will be having fun relaxing,
some going back to their hometown,
but not for me.
I choose to work.
Will be working within this 2 weeks of my sem break as a part time,
just to earn more pocket money.
Money is always not enough for me,
and I know it usually apply to everyone.
But with my allowance,
it's not sufficient for the whole month,
as food in Taylor is so expensive.

Earning extra pocket money is also because,
I wanna dye and cut my hair.
Black roots coming out from my head,
and it just look so un-glam. LOL
Can't stand it anymore,
will be dying and cutting my hair after this 2 weeks.
Stay tune for my new hairstyle.
But I am just afraid that my fringe is too short for the hairstyle.
Black roots!! Argggh!! *ignore my dumb face*

I hope that all of my friends enjoy their sem break and have fun!!
More is coming in the next semester of university.


Just a short reminder here to all of you that drives,
please drive carefully on the road as there is an increasing number in car accident lately.
Seen mush accident on the road,
and personally just been in an accident yesterday.
no one was hurt,
but my friend's car side mirror just flew away.
Look carefully when cutting out/in, right/left.
Remember the signal,
and drive safely. =)

That's all,
and will be busy working and less blogging.
Miss me

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