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Monday, September 12, 2011

Chapter 37...Wrap Up

Hello, hello.
I'm back again ^^
As I promised,
I will be back after 2 weeks.
And I am =)
Gonna blog about my bits and pieces in the last 2 weeks.
There is so many things and topic,
do not even know where to start.
I will separate it with a few sessions.

as all of you know,
I was having my sem break for the last 2 weeks.
And also has been working for the last 2 weeks.
I will now reveal my working place. Haha~~
I was working at House Of Leather@Subang Parade.
If anyone of you saw someone that look like me,
yup that's me. XD
Finally, it's my last day of work today.
So fast that I have been hanging around with my new friends for the past 2 weeks.
Although it's a short period of time,
but I have spend fun time working there, and also gain good experience.
All I can say is that,
working there is not as hectic as my previous job.
Whenever there is no customer,
we are allow to sit and do whatever we like here.
I can even bring my lappy to work and online.
What a relaxing job right?? LOL
For now, I will be waiting for my salary.
I want shopping!! *desperate*


Last week,
I decided to dye my hair back to black.
I know that many of you will ask why, let me tell you.
Because my black root is coming out, and covered more than half of my hair.
So with the little part of dyed colour hair,
it really looks weird and untidy.
So that's why I dyed it black.
I believe some of you will ask" why black??"
Let me answer you. Haha
Actually I want to change my hairstyle,
but too bad my fringe is too short.
So I want to wait for my fringe to grow longer,
then I will change my hairstyle and dye the colour I want in one shot.
If I dye colour now, it's not worth it.
So all of you understand now??
(feel like I'm just talking to myself. XD)
My back to black hair.


It's movie time!!
Watched "The Smurfs" on this Monday,
and I know that all of you that have watched it will say Smurf is smurfing cuteee!!
Really enjoyed the movie,
because smurf is just so cute.
The animation facial expression did make the movie to life,
and with conflict and excitement within it,
it add on a bonus for the movie to be more interesting.
Actually smurf have existed long time ago.
It was created and first introduced as a series of comic strips by the Belgian cartoonist Peyo on October 23, 1958.
So the smurf brought childhood memories to my parents time,
and now to our time. (maybe it's teenage memory for me. XD)
The Smurfs

Another movie that I watched is "My Kingdom" starring 吴尊 and 韩庚.
Nothing much to describe about this movie,
it's about chinese opera and also involved love and revenge.
The martial arts scene is not bad, and of course girls will like it because you all will see two handsome guy fighting. LOL
Won't talk more about the storyline,
buy a ticket and check it out yourself. =)
Two handsome main actor.

Watched this movie with Mer Sie and her sis. Camwhore much on that day too. XD
Mr.Brian See & I'm mersie. XD


After waiting for 2 weeks,
at last my result for my final exam and timetable for sem 2 is out!!
I am satisfied with my results as long as it's a pass actually.
But I am happy that I have A's and B's. Thank god and hard work pay off. =)
And my timetable for sem 2 is HECTIC and PACK!!
No space for me to breathe. LOL
Having class from mon-fri.
And less break in the middle, and class till 5 or 6pm.
I hate it!! I need more time to sleep. Haha

That's all for today's post.
Wrap up everything already.
I know it's really long,
please don't be bored reading it.


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