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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chapter 34...Time Flies

Hello fellow friends,
I am back again to give my updates.
I know that I am always late and slow,
I am just too lazy to update my life like always once a week.
I do not have the time.
So here I am again,
blogging in the middle of the night.
Maybe only this time of the day gives me inspiration in blogging =)

Now I'm going to start expressing myself in this little space.
I do realize that time flies FAST!!
It has been like half a year since I started uni,
and when everyone starts to changed.
Has been studying this course for 5-6 months,
learned alot from this course.
We all met new friends,
and of course,
don't forget friends that accompanied you passing it through.

Everyone is like having their own life,
some passing fun times and hard times.
This is just life right??
My friend Chuei Shan,
a good friend of mine in high school.
Flying to Singapore next month to continue her training to become an air stewardess.
Really glad that she passed her exam,
and had this chance to pursue her dream.
Hope that she will succeed in this career.
Looking at her face everyday in high school,
I think I will miss her

*i think I'm too emotional*
Me and Chuei Shan

Uni life starts,
everyone starts to lead a new life.
And of course,
I met new friends here,
friends that care and love me ^^
VV and CC,
we may not have know each other for long,
but the two of you made my uni life great =)
Of course there is argument,
but just because there is more space for understanding.
Thank you so much...
VV and CC

And for now,
after finishing all assignments and presentation,
last week was the last lecture for all subject.
So fast,
I have been facing all of the lectures for 18 weeks,
I will miss you all =)
There is just one more challenge,
Will be having my finals next week and that's all for Sem 1.
Looking forward to Sem 2 subject and hope more fun as well!!
Good luck to myself and all my classmates!!
We can pass all subject and I will be eager to see you all again in Sem 2 =)

Time flies fast,
but meaningful.

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