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Monday, August 22, 2011

Chapter 35...Insomnia!!

Yes, I am blogging at this time.
It's 3.11am,
am I blogging in the late night or is it too early in the morning??
I have no idea either.

Went to bed early just now at 12am,
having my finals tomorrow.
But end up,
rolling on the bed for 2 hours!!

Insomnia is killing me.
It's the second day,
slept at 4am yesterday,
and now,
still restless at 3am.
And my room is so damn hot,
keep sweating, my fan is useless!!
Making me much more frustrated!! Grrr...

Really hate it when I just can't fall asleep.
Really hope that it won't affect my exam tomorrow.
That's all,
I better shut my eye and sleep.
Useless things is floating in my mind,
thinking of you?

All I need now is to sleep,
I need sleep, I want to sleep!!
Good night...*yawn*


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