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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chapter 33... Final exam, Assignment, Presentation

It is middle of the night now,
I am back here to have my late updates again as usual.
Really do not have the time to keep my blog update always,
so it is just usual to abandon it for 2 weeks or a month,
and just scramble everything up in one post. XD

Had been a little busy for the last 2 weeks,
as I had lots of assignment, and exams.
Something happy to be mention is that,
I have passed my driving test on Tuesday.
I am really happy!!!
It was my second time taking the driving test, (if you follow my blog regularly, you will know why I fail my test during the first time)
And yet, of course I did not repeat the same stupid mistake again,
if not my parents will kill me for wasting so much money just for a driving license.

Lots of assignment that have to be handed in last 2 weeks,
that's why I was busy and yet do not have the time to blog.
Had my final exams for Moral and Malaysian Studies yesterday,
hope that I won't fail in my exam.
So glad that this 2 subjects is over,
it is the most boring subject in college.

Finals will be coming end of next month,
and my first sem will be finish.
But there is still assignments and presentations waiting for me.
For now,
it is time for me to get ready for my final exam, assignment and presentation.
Good night peeps, if not my eye bag and dark circle will get worst. =)

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