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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chapter 22...I'm BACK!!

Dear bloggers,
so sorry that i have abandon this blog for 2 months
because i was too busy working.
but now,
I'm back.

After my SPM,
i went and find a job to work.
i went back to my old working place and worked as a full time this time,
because full time could earn more..haha

Within this 2 months,
lots of things happen.
but most of it is also happy memories.

I won't talk bout what happen in the last 2 months,
but now
i will talk on what happen lately in my life.

Yesterday was my last day of work,
i was just too tired working,
so i think that i need a break before starting college.
Working there was really fun,
and of course i met new friends.
It was an amazing working experience with them,
but still yet,
all of us has stop working.

Mei Kuan

Until today,
only i realized that i am really bored sitting at home,
without working.
For the pass 2 months,
working occupied most of the time.
For today,
i just sat infront of the lappy just onling-ing and watching dvd.

On last thursday,
i dyed my hair again.
With a different colour,
i wanted grey but firstly it end up like dark brown.
I was not satisfied,
so i told the hair stylist to redye it.
After bleaching it for 5 times,dying it for 2 times and sitting at the saloon for 6 hours,
finally its done.
The colour came out with a little grey,
but after washing it for a few times,
my hair colour now is something like light blonde. =(
My parents did not like my hair colour,
and they were like complaining alot.
But too bad,
what is done was done.
They wanted me to dye it again at the end of the month,
but i totally disagree.
I bleached my hair for 5 times,
and now they wanna me to dye it again??
I am not going to change my hair colour for at least 3 months.
See the difference?? =(

And there is 2 new things that i wanna buy on my to buy list.
1.New laptop
2.Sony Ericsson X10
I really hope that i could buy it within next month.

And now,
i believe all my friends are also desperate waiting for their SPM results.
Same goes to me,
i really can't wait till the results out.
it will be college time for me.
i hope that i will meet more GOOD friends and will be able to cope with what i'm going to study.

I think that's all i wanna say,
so i hope that all of my friends will be able to get flying colours for their SPM results.
And also good luck to myself =)

Bye-bye and keep in touch =)

ps:hope that i won't abandon my blog again. >.<>


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