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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chapter 27...SPM Results Is Finally Out!!

Alright,as everyone knows..
the SPM results for 2010 is finally out yesterday.
It is really a special day for all SPM 2010 candidates and that of course includes me. =)

At the very early morning,
i went and had breakfast-dim sum@USJ21 with my friends and of course my love one-Mer Sie.
All of us had the very same felling-NERVOUS.
But we all know that,
no matter whats the results is,
life still goes on.
We ordered quite alot of food,
and its a very filling breakfast for me. XD

At about 9.30am,
we are on our way to school.
Everyone in the car is having butterflies in their stomach.
Heart is pumping fast,breath is breathing rapidly.
When we reached school,
most of them is already there waiting patiently for the results.
Went in the school,
meeting back friends and faces that have not seen for the last 3 months.
Really makes me miss school.LOL~~

All of us waited for quite a long time,
so while waiting,
of course it's-PICTURE TIME!!
At last,
around 11am,
the result is here.
Teachers holding results in their hand,walking toward the table of each class.
OMG!! really can't wait to know my results.
OMG!! Can' wait for the results!!
The "flag gang" XD

Went to the table of my class,
waiting the teacher to call out my name.
On the second the teacher called me,
i started to feel scared.
I quickly took the result slip without looking at it,
and went beside the stage where no body were there.
I look at my result one by one,
with hope that it will be good.
1.Bahasa Melayu A- (thank god!!)
2.Bahasa Inggeris A (pheww~~)
3.Pendidikan Moral B+ (was thinking "SHIT"!! was hoping for an A)
4.Sejarah D (expected)
5.Mathematics D (at least i did not fail)
6.Science A (oh yes!!)
7.Perdagangan A (better than i expected)
8.Ekonomi Asas A- (what a relive)

Really thank god,
that i get 5A's in my SPM result.
Although i wanted an A for Moral too,
but i'm still satisfied with 5A's.
Luckily,i did not fail my Sejarah and Mathematics.
Not to mention,
Pey Yan got 9A's and Mer Sie got 7A's. (they are real good!!)
5A's and 9A's student. =)My results =)

After taking my results,
me and my dad went to Taylor Lakeside Campus to register me in.
So i'm going to take foundation in communication.
And class starts on the 31st of March.

PS:For those that think i'm not good,please think twice. Don't judge a book by its cover. I use my brain to study,so it does not matter on how i look!! If u do not know a DAMN thing on grades, please just SHUT THE FUCK UP!! I am more than qualified BITCH!!


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  1. Hmm, nichole here congratulations lorhhh get 5A! =DD And congratezzz mer sie too! 恭喜!