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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chapter 26...The Day That I've Been Waiting

Hello everyone,
i'm back again. =)
I believe that all last year SPM's candidate knows that the result is going to be out tomorrow.
And so of course,
the day that i've been waiting has eventually arrive.
Until now,
i'm not that nervous,but i believe the first step i enter the school tomorrow,
my heart will pump fast.(i think everyone will be the same)

Frankly speaking,
i have like totally forget that i took the SPM paper. HAHA~~
What to do, it has been like 3 months back,
and in this 3 months there is so many things happening.
SPM?? Whats that?? LOL...
And also not to mention,
the SPM result release date for this year is kinda late compare with the last few years.

I have not even register for my college,
so after taking my result tomorrow,
i must straight away register at the college.
i will be taking foundation in mass com at Taylor Lakeside Campus.
The environment is perfect with lots of food,
and so i hope that the people there will be as perfect too^^

So i think that's all for today,
and i wish all my friends and of course myself,
to get flying colours in our results tomorrow. =)

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