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Friday, December 31, 2010

Chapter 21...Goodbye 2010

Today is the last day of 2010,
so fast,
1 year had just passed.
Lots of thing had happen this year,
things that made me laugh and also things that made me cry.

There is so many up and down in this year,
many pressure on my studies,
because its my SPM year.
But this is life,
everyone must be tough to go through all this.

Just sit down and think,
what we have done wrong this whole year,
what we can change,
and also what should not be done but done.

We make mistake in life,
just don't do the same mistake in the following year,
learn from wrong.

Tonight will be the countdown night,
to welcome a whole new year-2011
but i have no plan.
So i think i will just hang out with my parents,
and countdown with them.

Goodbye 2010 and Hello 2011,
I really hope that it will be a good year for me.
Things goes smoothly,
and of course according to plan.

Nothing much to wish on this new year,
because actually its still the same.
I just wish that everyone will be in good health,
and always with the one they love.

I'm going to start work tomorrow,
it had been a year since i last work,
i hope that i still can handle everything well!
So,the first thing to handle in year 2011 will be my job,
then to my college life.

Wash away all bad memories of 2010,
and welcome the good things of 2011.

Last to say,
Goodbye 2010__Hello 2011 !!


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