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Monday, November 28, 2011

Chapter 44...Mirrors Cover Guy Photoshoot Day

Hello peeps, I'm back to update my blog. As I promise, I will update on my Mirrors Cover Guy photoshoot day. And here it is. =)
Actually I don't know why, I am very lazy to write and blog, but I won't disappoint anyone of you all. The photoshoot was on Thursday, and thanks to Spellman for being my PA (personal assistant) of the day and also my driver. LOL.
PA/Driver of the day- Spellman =) Thx so much^^

We went to have Dim Sum at Puchong for breakfast as I was craving it for a long time ago. Had our early breakfast because I should be in the studio at 10am. After our breakfast, we had to head to Shah Alam as there is where the studio is located. Actually we thought of using the GPS, but the stupid GPS is so useless that it just keep bringing us round and round. Finally, I decided to just follow the road signboard. After a half an hour drive, finally we reached our destination.
Dim Sum... Yumm yumm =)

It was actually a home studio, and when I arrived, Cover girl-Faith and the celebrity model is already preparing for the shoot. So I quickly let the make up artist to get started to help me make up. After the make up, I actually feel weird because my make up was so heavy and I have eyeliner on. When they showed me my wardrobe, I was like OMG!! They prepared short pants for me, and I really hate wearing short pants because of my skinny leg, and know I have to wear it for photoshoot?? But I have no choice but to wear what they supply.
Setting up the lighting.

After changing, the photoshoot session start. Had a great time posing with faith and the celebrity model for the next issue of Mirrors magazine cover. After that, we have our own individual shots. Luckily, everything went smoothly and I hope that they are satisfy with my pictures. And that's all about the shoot.
Cover girl winner- Faith =)

If you wanna see how the pictures look, do remember to support the next issue of Mirrors magazine. Crossing fingers that they will choose a nice shot to be publish in the magazine. Hehe ^^

Here are some sneak peak.... ^^ ( I actually do not know whether I am allow to upload all these pictures, but I hope that they will not ask me to take it down =X )