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Monday, November 14, 2011

Chapter 42... Hennessy Artistry Party 2011@MIECC

As I mention in my previous blog post,
I went to Hennessy Artistry 2011 Party@MIECC last Saturday.
The party started at 8pm and only guest with invitation is allowed to enter.
I arrived there a bit late, because the place were quite far from where I am staying, and when we arrived out side the MIECC car park, there were a long queue of car just jamming in.

Found my way to the convention centre,
then went and register my name to get the passes in. I have a total of 4 invitation,so I went with my sis and Cecilia. There was an extra ticket actually, but I have nobody to give,
so too bad-WASTED =(
Party passes =)
My Hennessy moment.

Met up with Spellman and Jared, so I guess it's time to get the party started. Went in, and the party was great. Free flow drink all night long, who don't like it? And of course Hennessy serve the best- Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Soda and Hennessy Ginger.
Among all drink, my favourite is Hennessy Apple, and i don't really like Hennessy Soda nor Ginger, it taste very bitter. >.<
Feel the fun?

Hennessy Apple, Berry, Ginger and Soda

Mixing my very first Hennessy Apple =)

Do I look vampire?? Haha...

After having my drink, the party was just getting started. First performance by Korean singer- Park Jung Min. Honestly, I really felt bored in the beginning, because people was just not high enough. But after that, the atmosphere is getting better with performance by Landy Wen, Chris Willis, Goldfish and Blink, last but not least my favourite of the night- Yolanda Be Cool. They really brought the party to its highest peak, and everyone was just dancing!!

Not to talk more, its picture time




Cecilia and Amanda

My favourite drink of the night- Hennessy Apple

The party ended around 2am plus,and it was a success with 6 thousand people having fun all night long.When I was leaving, I saw many people drunk and vomiting. A reminder to everyone, please don't drink over your own limit, and if you know that you are gonna DRIVE, it's better to control yourself.

That's all, peace out Y^.^Y

Remember to drink responsibly.

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