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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chapter 43... Mirrors Cover Guy and Cover Girl Winner

Stay tune to find me on Mirrors cover.

I participated in Mirrors magazine Cover guy search,
and was honored to have won the contest and have the opportunity to grace the front cover of Mirrors magazine with a celebrity guest.

I will like to take this chance to thank everyone that supported me, especially my family and friends. I am sorry for spamming Facebook for the past 2 weeks, but sincerely appreciate and feel thankful to all of my Facebook friends that "LIKE"-ed my picture.

I will be going in the studio tomorrow to have the front cover photoshoot, and also eager to find out who is the celebrity guest that I will be photoshooting with. And also congratulation to the cover girl winner-Faith =)

Stay tuned to find out more about tomorrow shoot, will be updating it ^^


hope that the pictures turn out nice.

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