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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chapter 39... Party Night @ Zouk Club KL

I am here now to update my party night @ Zouk Club KL on last Saturday.
Went to Zouk Club last week with my sister and my friends.
I was really excited,
because I have never entered Zouk before as you all know,
it is a very strict club and obviously I am under age to enter.
But my friend told me that she have the way to bring me in,
so I decided to go.

the bouncer of the day is VERY strict.
Because my friend have the guest list,
so he thought that he could bring me in.
But when I want to enter,
the bouncer checked my IC.
Oh gosh!! I have to make an U-turn. Haha
All of my friends went in, and it's only me alone outside.

Suddenly there was a huge crowd walking in together,
so I followed and smuggle myself in. LOL
By the time I enter, it was already 1am. =.=
Not going to trouble myself next time,
wait till my legal age arrive and I will be back. Haha

It was somehow a more mature crowd inside,
but have fun drinking(just a little) and dancing on the dance floor.

It's picture time!!
Hotties of the night.
Sexy chick. My dance partner for the night!!
My sis and Cecilia.
Ah Wen.
Fai, Me and Wen.
Just can't get enough.
Just posing. LOL


we like to sleep all day and party all night.

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