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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chapter 31...Up and Down

Hello dear readers,
I'm back again.
Do not know why I have always been so lazy updating my blog.
I think I must leave it abandon for at least a month or so,
only I'm willing to update it.

Here I am again,
updating what's going on recently in my boring life.
It has really been an up and down week for me.
Really hard to stabilize my emotion with things coming through,
knocking to me so fast,
that I do not even have the chance to skip by.

Last Saturday, I went for my dear princess Jolin Tsai "2011 Myself World Tour Concert" that was held at Stadium Merdeka.
Not to deny, it was really an amazing day for me.
Not going to mention details and process so specifically,
all I can say that is,
Jolin really made a great,awesome,marvelous,superb,amazing concert!!
It was really like the best of the best.
Jolin Tsai rocking fans at Stadium Merdeka last Saturday

Really enjoyed myself throughout the whole night dancing and partying with Jolin.
And of course, I brought back lots of Jolin concert freebies.
Really hope that she will be coming again to Malaysia,
cause I am really MISSING her!!
Jolin's concert goodies
Jolin Fans Club Malaysia (spot me) =)

That was like the good and happy part of my week,
but good things usually don't come in double.
Had my driving test on Monday.
And this is where the fucked up part begins!!
Was really nervous to take my driving test,
so the uncle brought me and Mer Sie to that place earlier so that we could practice before the test.
While practicing,I was great and everything went smoothly!!
The test starts at 8.30am, and yet me and Mer Sie is listed in the first session.
So we took our number, and start queuing to wait for our turn.
The first test we did was on the road,
because I have pay, I passed my on the road test.

After that, it was time to test the slope, side parking and 3 point turn.
I was quite confident while attempting the first task, because I parked nicely and my wheels was within the yellow lines.
Then it was time to do the side parking,
after giving the form to the person in charge,
I started to park.
I felt that the car was not smooth, but I did not realize what was the problem.
The engine died for a few times, but I was still able to finish my side parking.
After that, I have to straight away do my 3 point point turn.
After my reverse and the last step to turn out,
the car engine died!!!
God damn it!!!
That's the end of everything, I have FAILED!!

Only then I found out,
the reason my engine died is because I forgotten to pull the handbrake down.
It was up all the time,
and surprisingly I did my side parking with the handbrake up.
It was really such a big impact to me,
totally down!!
Just a little stupid mistake that ruin my whole test!!
And now I have to redo it, and pay a bunch of money!!

Thinking it back,
I really blame myself for being so stupid for doing such mistake!!
But I know, that there is no use blaming as it has already happen.
We can't turn back the past right??

Now, I have to wait for at least a month to retake my driving test,
and I hope that nothing is gonna go wrong again!!!
It is really an up and down week,
making it hard for me to adapt.
Next week,
I am looking forward that it will bring me joy and happiness. XD
Things get better =)

That's all,


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