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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chapter 30...End of Sem Break

Alright all bloggers,
I am back again.
Feeling happy that I made the effort to update my blog,
as I hope by blogging could improve and make me more interested in writing as Mass Comm needs lots of writing skills in future assignments.

Today is the end of sem break,
as days pass by so quickly.
How did I fill my time in this whole weekend??
Well, I think sleeping and FB-ing had used up most of my time.
So, it's kinda consider a meaningless sem break for me as I should start taking up my book and study, as I believe lots of my classmates has do so.

Woke up at 3pm+ at my last day of break,
and had a date with Vivian and Cecilia at 4pm+ to catch a movie at Summit.
Went to Summit to watch the "Priest",
and it was just a so so movie for me,
cause it is totally not scary for me.
But Vivian and Cecilia is screaming and hiding their face,
reluctantly watching the whole movie with me.

The movie is just about a priest that wanted to save a kidnapped girl from the vampire,
and his mission was just the beginning of the chaos war between priest and vampire.
The movie was spice up with Maggie Q as a warrior priest,
helping to save the kidnapped girl.
Maggie Q the priest warrior.

the scary part was kinda predictable, as you will know that something is gonna jump out from the dark to scare you!!
I think that there will be a part 2 for this movie.

After the movie,
went to AC for dinner, pool and ChaTime.
That's all for the last day of break,
and will be going back to Uni tomorrow.
Gonna get my beauty sleep for now,
and back to schedule by tomorrow.
That's all for this short update.


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