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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chapter 29... College Life

After abandoning my blog for a month,
I'm now finally free to update.
Just because I just went in college last month,
and lots of things happen just too fast,
I have no time to update every single issue.
For now,
I will just cramp in all that I have in mind for now in this short blog.

College started, and everything start to get busy.
Having class from Monday to Thursday,
from 8am to 6pm is really tiring.
Luckily there is some break within the classes.
What I can say for now is,
my college life is kinda relaxing as I met new friends that are very AWESOME!!
Not to mention,
cause we are the "Incrediblee" (LOL)
The Incrediblee!!

Life in the campus is not so bad after all,
but i could just say that it is very costly.
With Starbucks and Baskin Robin

it is hard for not to go bankrupt.
About my studies,
I am still consider catching up with what the lecturers talking about,
but sometimes I just don't understand what they are teaching is related to the course.
But 1 thing that is really different from high school life,
it is the assignment, assignment, assignment!!
I could have up to 7 assignments in hand to finish up,
and totally have no damn idea on how to complete it!!
But I know,
there will be more awaiting deep in front!!


Went to did my Moral community service last week at Taman Megah Orphanage,
it was really a visit that makes me realize on how fortunate my life is.
Reaching at the orphanage,
looking at children that are mentally or physically disable,
helpless to themselves, lying on the ground,
makes us reflect on our own life .
Letting us know, that not everyone is so lucky to be born normal,
there are still so many people that need help compare to us ,
but yet we are still complaining on our perfect life.
Spend some time with them,
and tried to understand on their problem. Played and have fun with them too. =)
It is so satisfying looking at smiles on their faces, bringing joy to their life.
This trip really makes me learn on how to be satisfied with what we are having and cut down with the complain!!
Taman Megah Orphanage

Last Sunday, went Putrajaya and i-City with Chien Min, Jasmine, Louis, Chris and Jason to do our travel documentary.
When we reach Putrajaya,
the sun was really shinning hot!!
Really can't keep those sweat from dripping out.
We rent a bicycle and did cycling around the botanical garden.
It was really quite fun, because it has been like ages since I last cycle a bike around.
Unfortunately, when we were cycling happily,
the sky stared to drizzle and rain was pouring down within a few minutes.
We gotta hide in a ladies toilet to wait for the rain to stop.
After 10 minutes, the rain had finally slow down,
so we decided to quickly cycle back.

Before sunset, we leave Putrajaya and went to i-City.
Thanks to the useless GPS from i-phone 4, that did not know where did it lead us,
we got lost in a golf club area.
Because it is still raining, we stop by at an Indian restaurant to grab dinner as everyone is starving.
After dinner, we continue our journey searching for i-City,
and at last, we found it!!
The place is really nice, everything is made up of LED lights.
It is a bright and colourful wonderland.


I think that's all for this "short" update,
hope that everything keeps getting better!!
Having my 1 week sem break for now,
and hope to update you guys soon! =)



  1. Hello pass by with a comment =)

  2. Nice memories. You reminds me of those college days when I used to participate in each and every activity of the college.